Destiny Hero: deck recipe

Just lost to a guy on platinum with 3 celestial and 2 dangerous... Stuck on platinum 1 cause of hackers...
It's not hacking, they just bought a 2nd copy of the structure deck.
Yeah, I thought you could only get one box set myself but you can only get one through gems. You can however buy as many as you want with real money.
Is not hacking, its called credit card genius
Lmfao if you claim to be stuck on plat 1 because of hackers but can't identify credit card no jutsu then you are a terrible player
<< Anonymous
Hahaha funny, I feel your level on that Haha


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I'm so happy they're now letting players tag with the amazing beautiful girls, especial...
Lightsworn might be meta when this thing comes
Mystic Dragon is tied to an entire archetype whose most cards in the anime are either unseen or d...
I didn't even remember this card exist, even though this is a year 2017 card lol
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