Destiny Hero: deck recipe

I really want this deck to. Be meta.. I love Destiny hero decks.. More than any other archetypes.. Konami should bring in more support
Destiny Heroes does have stronger monsters in its archetypes, its just Komaney is not letting us have it, instead Aster level 40 is using it. Cards like Destiny End Dragoon and Destiny Hero Dogma for example. 🔥 Komaney for letting us play with midget Destiny Heroes in the meantime.
<< Anonymous
Calm down... GX was introduced 10 days ago lol.
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
ya agree, GX just come out lol
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Yeah introduced GX world WITH Cyber Angels as the meta that comes along with it? Why only favor Alexis' monsters and not other GX chars? Help me here.
<< Anonymous
Konami release good support for Alexis' and Chazz's decks but not for heroes because Konami itself is a villain, and villains never want heroes to grow up.

(ignore Bastion tho)
<< Anonymous
Anoymous and ojama already strong in duel link and Konami give more support to them so sad to new player . anyone play vanguard here? It very fun to play too .sorry bad English


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Nah, not yet. Lightsworn need Judgment Dragon
I'm so happy they're now letting players tag with the amazing beautiful girls, especial...
Mystic Dragon is tied to an entire archetype whose most cards in the anime are either unseen or d...
I didn't even remember this card exist, even though this is a year 2017 card lol
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