Destiny Hero: deck recipe

Op or not?
Edo Phoenix fan
It could have been something to worry about when deck-out trap decks were better. But now with lots of 3000 ATK monster decks and battle phase traps not as effective against the meta, maybe not op.
Maybe if u have Destiny HERO-Dark Angel
Come on get this to Duel links its not a big deal of 2700/DEF and opponent draws 1 card just give it to us Aster for Destiny HEROs
Definitely not OP at all. We should have gotten that card by now.
<< Anonymous
2700 DEF monster that can be summoned without tribute "garbage"?

Wow, the guy above belongs in the trash can
<< Anonymous
Well it is not that broken, but with 4000 LP this card cast provide some surprise element which is hurt. The same reason why they relase Dangerous but no Dystopia
<< Anonymous
No, if you know anything about Yugioh, this card is garbage. It'll rarely progress your own plays outside of being used as poly material, and it'll give your opponent free resources. It might see some lower level experimentation but it's nowhere even remotely close to being OP.


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