19th Mini Box: Lords of Shining

aceh san
Klo ane dapetnya yg White Stone gan.
Cukup 60 pack udh dpt komplit Ixchel sama White Stone
I got the Shinning with 500 gems and also Ixchel =)
<< Anonymous
Kalo ane dapetnya semua UR hanya 40 pack, terus reset lagi dapet white stone of ancient lagi
Card is useless bro, you won't have "next standby phase" in this OTK meta
<< Anonymous
Hey, you know...
Just because a random and worthless comment says it's useless, it doesn't mean it really is.
Spesial summon monster, no specific level, type, sub-type, attribute , great card
<< Anonymous
"OTK" means one turn kill, not first turn kill. Building an OTK board takes time, so there will be one or two Standby Phase where this card goes off successfully.
Scary card, it could bring huge monster from the grave like Koa'ki Meiru Maximus, Blue Eyes or Reactor Dragon
<< Anonymous(Hey, you know...)
It's useless and overrated just like Memory of an Adversary. Never saw someone use it on ranked duel.
Makoto Shishio
Newbie logic UR = great card so let's brag it. but, the fact, Miracle's Wake from Yusei level up reward better than this. lol


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Do you get anything for your patient Konami d*ck sucking? This game is totally free, it is so ...
They should give us the newest Inca support (Ascator, Dawnwalker & Supay, Duskwalker)
Yeah, that's what I thought. Thx
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