How to beat/farm Bandit Keith Lvl 40

I tried everything suggested without any good result. Then, I tried Hazy Flame deck. Problem solve. His cards can't do shit!
My deck. Boost Sphinx to over 10,000 and attack with it or Vassel with Union.
I usually achieve 6-8k point and it is very consistent too.
<< Anonymous
What are the super rares??



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Using his junk deck, he uses another one of his aces, scar warrior lvl. 4, by an effect and quick...
Yeah, they can activate treacherous from hand. But the deck itself lack beaters and isn't th...
I thought this card was only fairly decent in a insect queen deck, I guess it can be useful in th...
What I mean by optional is the deck still works even without both of these cards. Just like how y...
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