Structure Deck: Dragonic Knights

I ate a Tide Pod
I never knew prismatics could come out of structure decks and with gem bought ones at that
you bought it with gems
I'd hazard a guess that there aren't a lot of Structure Prismatics out there since there's only 1 card that CAN be Prismatic per deck. (Since only SR and UR can be Prismatic.) Congrats.
Meanwhile my Dragonic Knights SD only has 1 Glossy card and it's not even any of the monsters lmao
Yup. I got a prismatic Dogma last month. Lucky.
<< Anonymous
I ate a Tide Pod
nice now i need to sell up some steam badges for the other decks try roll some sexy prismatics



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However, this obviously comes down to your build. Most people don't spend enough time tweaki...
This card with mecha phantom beast is interesting with 3600 atk just by using falcon effect
Union Attack causes your opponent to take no battle damage the turn you activate it. Gravekeep...
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