Structure Deck: Dragonic Knights

I ate a Tide Pod
I never knew prismatics could come out of structure decks and with gem bought ones at that
you bought it with gems
I'd hazard a guess that there aren't a lot of Structure Prismatics out there since there's only 1 card that CAN be Prismatic per deck. (Since only SR and UR can be Prismatic.) Congrats.
Meanwhile my Dragonic Knights SD only has 1 Glossy card and it's not even any of the monsters lmao
Yup. I got a prismatic Dogma last month. Lucky.
<< Anonymous
I ate a Tide Pod
nice now i need to sell up some steam badges for the other decks try roll some sexy prismatics


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In that case,it's not good.I thought it was a quick effect.
Hi guys, TCG Player here and I want to play this game. Any Advice? I can see that Shiranui is cur...
Woahahaha! Good old days of warcraft 3 :)
This card is bad but splashable in any deck. It is only being used as a "last solution"...
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