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I think i am done with duel links now, konami is releasing packs too fast and i cant buy the packs with gems, because i got all free gems in this game (expect yami marik) and i must pay for the pack to get the new cards, i spent money for packs like crimson kingdom to get gozuki and wyvern 3x to build a red-eyes zombie deck and i dont want to pay more for this game, this game goes straight to pay2win
100% f2p
Who force you to buy new box packs? I feel like this box did not worth much. Save your gems, smart spending
<< Anonymous(100% f2p)
Of course i dont need to buy the new pack, the general problem is i can't build the new decks that are coming because i need to pay for that and the meta right now has many decks so i think konami release the packs too fast, a new player dont know which pack he wants to buy because there are so many now, there was only 3 packs if i started this game
<< Anonymous
They release packs too fast cuz japs kids buy packs like crazy. I bet they spent like 300$ per month for packs.
Maybe its your own problem. You are too competitive? On one hand u want all the latest cards and then u don't want to spend money, this game is never free to play from the beginning, you can consider free gems as perks not obligation. I agreed konami is releasing boxes too fast and mainly benefit towards whales.
<< Anonymous(Mert1337)
Jap kids more rich than us? Hmm
<< Anonymous
Farm legendaries at the gate for gems, for christ sake!

they can drop 10 gems and 15 gems if they drop an hability you have.

we gain gems for free every week.

there are gems hiding in duel worls. i got with luck 10 gems a day just by clicking in the trash can, the lamp,...

marik is here, a lot of gems are beeing given.

duel a thon, rank in pvp..

and last STOP 🔥ING. man up!
<< Anonymous('k)
Wow dude getting 10 gems from legendary duelist and from the lamp are way too much.Wtf are you talking about?They give 500 gems when a new pack is being released and they are nothing.Duel a thon gave less gems thqn it did last time.We just have more gems because of the new pvp system and duel a thon.Nothing special
Maybe focus on 1 or 2 decks you want to play competitively and collect the cards for those decks.

Collectors are never going to be free to play with all the cards that are in the actual card game.
You don't need to buy all pack. I don't buy any pack of crimson it's too big and Red-Eye is kind of boring and I buy again in Fire pack. Because it's more creative such as SRH can put in any deck. And also have focus deck such as Phoenix. Just choose some that you feel fun.
The only way you got all free gems is if you have every character at level 40 and are at stage 60. You still get gems from dueling in PVP and the events. Also, level Marik. Stop whining and farm your gems like the rest of us, and if you have every other duelist at 40 you need to worry less about the game and more about regular life.
<< Anonymous(Tank)
don't tell me what to worry about
I agree with the person who said focus on one deck. I saved plenty of gems from previous events like Duel-A-Thon and such - 9k gems - and I just build a very nice Phoenix deck. Not a dime spent.
<< Anonymous
I had the fire structure deck over 10 years ago and recently used my gems to get the Flame of the Tyrant and Dawn of the Sky packs to recreate that deck. I wish they would put UFO Turtle in the game. haha
i dont know how do u manage to spend so many gems, i have only 4 chars at max lvl (yugi,joey,pegasus, mako), (rex,weevil,kaiba lvl 23) currently leveling yami marik, and i have 2 copies at least from the "Tier1" Ur cards, like mirrorwall, kuriboh, fusion gate, soul exchange. and i have cleared all boxes at least once, and.. stage lvl 60 so no more gems from there. stop 🔥ing and grind more.
It does not matter if they are releasing sets too fast or too slow the end result is the same.

The only difference really is if they released them slow then sure more people will catch up but there would be less variety in between players.

It's not pay to win in the slightest, I can still use starter cards and stomp people.
<< Anonymous
Complain more dude, its all about the GRIND! Do you want new cards? You want new decks? More fun? New fun? Then grind grind and grind some more, and every now again buy packs whem they got the sick deals. Like 3 packs and a UR for a buck!. Youll be completely fine.


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And all this madness for a childrens card game. Hope you never have do deal with an actual proble...
"spent multiple hours on this" Time spent on duel testing: 0 min.
Dragon rescue rabbit feat divine dragon ragnaroc and king dragon for the meme fun.
Isn’t there an actual beautiful girl behind all of them? Sitting on that purple dome.
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