Structure Deck: Dragonic Knights

Guys, opinion pls... Since this SD already give 3 paladins, im debating whether do 2nd copy of dragon knight n arkbrave is a must or not necessary?
I bought three but realized afterwards that your probably need max 2
<< Anonymous(Slowking)
Thanks mate, my thoughts exactly :D
<< Anonymous(Slowking)
Let this be a lesson to all from “Slow-king” himself LMAO
<< Anonymous
3 Arkbrave will probably be good to have in the future, when we get more cards that can discard it (or potentially even send it from the Deck to the Graveyard). So it's not that big a deal unless they start discounting Structure Decks or something.
L kaiba
Or u could play hieratics for a decent price with 3 paladin and 1 arkbrave
<< Anonymous(L kaiba)
L kaiba
Sorry when I say price I'm talking gems not irl money



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