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no SR ticket...??? the best card to pick with UR ticket.? just wait until the new banlist comes out, propably after this KC Cup, so Just wait, don't waste ur UR ticket.
I’m glad you said this because their actually will be a banlist after the kc, thanks I forgot about that. I was finah say “I know exactly what I’m going intol
Shira and backrows should be on the banlist
<< Anonymous
I'm sick of seeing Shira and build deck solely to counter them.

Backrow too. Lots of today's decks are actually Staple backrow decks with a few monster as their core. Yet, they call the deck as that monster's name deck.
Look at the image in the above article again, there are SR Tickets. Sadly no Dream SR Ticket.
<< Anonymous
Today decks use 50% traps and some core monsters of archtype decks. Still wondering what will happen to this meta if hey trunade! gets released from banlist.


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Using the aromage deck against level 40 can be annoying. Be very careful to not let him get neo ...
They are good bro haven't you seen how they've been winning the world championship for ...
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