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i search the card BLOWBACK DRAGON because i make a match vs bandit keith and it use it against me in a duel...where i can find it?
There is no way for us to obtain it as for now. Bandit Keith have it because he is a cheating and hacking scum.
thanks man
<< Anonymous
🔥 anonymous, BTW blowback dragon in this game is a NPC card, which means we cant obtain it
all yall are dumb, it WAS in the card trader for a grip and a hlaf, now its gone, yo.
<< Anonymous
That's twin barrel dragon ...not blowback dragon ya dweeb


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7 decklist for Shiranui... now someone try to proof me that this cards aren't over powered.....
Sadly, but from the World Armor trend that is going, I guess it works for him ? Flipping a fac...
I have been wondering. This card says that it must either be Normal summoned or set to activate ...
Pics or it didn’t happen
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