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i search the card BLOWBACK DRAGON because i make a match vs bandit keith and it use it against me in a duel...where i can find it?
There is no way for us to obtain it as for now. Bandit Keith have it because he is a cheating and hacking scum.
thanks man
<< Anonymous
🔥 anonymous, BTW blowback dragon in this game is a NPC card, which means we cant obtain it
all yall are dumb, it WAS in the card trader for a grip and a hlaf, now its gone, yo.
<< Anonymous
That's twin barrel dragon ...not blowback dragon ya dweeb


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Flip will be like Scud all over again, the only reason people unlock him is for the gems.
I remember when this card was announced without effect, everyone was thinking it was an "uto...
You’re smokin crack this deck is hardly even used in legend, and between bricking and your ...
*oops, I mean any generic material Xyz. Can't access the ones that specifically needs non...
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