Pegasus Toon World Event

Will we ever have the return of the Pegasus Event to be able to unlock him? I missed him unfortunately as I started Duel Links a little later after the event took place so i'd love to see it come back soon.


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he will be added in gate soon

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Can I reach Aster Phoenix (LV. 40) cards?

Aster has so many powerful and special cards, but we only see little of the cards available.

How does legendary duelist spawning work?

For example: I play keith to do autoduel vs standard duelists. Can keith also spawn now in du...

Is there a way too get "Burst Stream of Destruction" a second time?

I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I converted that card... Should've known...

Which pack should i get?

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champions vigilance not stopped by toon kingdom ?

Today a BEWD-Player destroyed my Summonedskull by activating vigilance, while toon kingdom was on...

Will Mokuba appear at Duel Gate now?

I unlocked him from the Bingo Event, just wondering if he will appear at the duel gate or not?

toon world card level 40 pegasus

Can u pls fix the rules of the toon world cards, it is written that when toon world is activated ...

Toon kingdom and security orb

Toon kingdom prevents cards from being targeted but when my opponent attacked with toon barrel I ...

What is a quick victory?

In the mission 6 of yugioh GX

Quick Victory Deck

Does anyone know a good deck recipe for Quick Victories? I need to get 3 of them in order to get ...



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Koa'ki neos is the best, it's always played in Meta Weeklys
Are there any suggestions for a new deck, that actually focusses on bringing out Obelisk? I mean ...
Let's say you're attacking a monster with the fire attribute you're supposed to ac...
What? Why did they delete my Jim Crocodile picture?
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