UR dream ticket options

Hi, noob here, I have two dream tickets and I'd like to know if you could give me some tips on how to use it.
I mostly play cipher soldier burn, fusion destiny heros (no masked) and gladiator beasts.
I don't know if I should use it on ebola, floodgate, canadia...
The only backrow I have rn is 3 WoDs.
Ty beforehand.


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axe raider is the best choice.
get 1 dunames dark witch and 1 axe raider,with those cards in your deck you will be virtually invincible
If you have UR dream tickets get cards that would flow well with your main deck or cards that are good in any deck in my personal opinion if you can get horn of the unicorn definitely pick it up
get an axe rider
hmm.. how did you got two dream tickets ?
I would take at least 1 cosmic cyclone but with next banlist i dont think it is worthy anymore (Rip amazoness) Sphere Kuriboh-Floodgate-Mirror Wall are good tech cards.
Go for an older card in a useless box but wait until banlist changes so you can see the new meta.
I'd go with a staple card you can throw in any deck like FGTH.
Paleozoic comes in a good box where u can get m hero, amazon cards

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