how to get unbanned?

Is it possible to apply for a unban like I got a lot of false reports for cheating and got banned for it I was a kog and was doing a livestream and got banned on stream. Please help


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If you get more than 1 "false reports", something must be up.
Konami envestigates this very thoroughly I doubt u got banned for no reason thats Creative Destruction’s job
Git Gud
get rekt bastar d I hope you are asian or muslim

thank you for play ygo duel links
sent konami and ask them what kind of ban did you get,if you got perma ban you can try other card games like pokemon
Obvious cheater.. they put that record check in.. No other anti cheat is there at the time.. You told on yourself dumbass
i fuck your mom
konami investigates these pretty thoroughly.
It's very unlikely that you got banned without any real evidence and just from "false reports". Obviously you did something to get banned.
Maybe you did something, REALLY, REALLY BAD...

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Toon Cyber Dragon is only useful on its own, as it cannot be used as fusion material for the Cybe...
cyber twin too strong
i wonder why
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