I need X-Saber Budget Deck

Help me, I'm new on this game. Firstly I want to play Six Samurai. But since X-Saber coming, I want to play it. When I check this site deck, This deck is quite expensive! Who can make budget deck for me?


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What budget deck?
This game is super F2P friendly.
You can build any deck you like at any time.
Oh, wait.
BTW, since you are new. You might be asking this.

A Silent Doom is obtainable from UR ticket (which you can get from the 5Ds celebration campaign, or from ranked cumulative reward).

Swing of memories get from Alexis level up reward 40 & 45.
Assuming you have bought all possible X-saber card in 180 pack before reset and have bought Joey's SD is still called budget, here you are:

1 Fulhelmknight
2 Boggart
2 Darksoul
3 Anupiranha
1 Gardestrike
2 Galaxy Serpent
1 Unexpected Dai
1 Faustian Bargain
2 Silent Doom / Swing of Memories
1 Saber Vault
2 Saber Slash
2 At one with the sword

1 Hyunlei
1 Wayne
2 Souza
1 Flamvell Urquizas

**Trust me, this budget version of mine is not even close to being good. Playable? maybe.
There is no x-saber budget deck.

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