Glossy/Prismatic effects

Hi, is there anything I can do with the glossy/prismatic cards? To convert them to basic (non-foil), because the effects they make can be sometimes distracting in a duel?

10days ago


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3days ago
No, I m not nuts, I just dont like those effects, thats all. There should be an option to hide them.
3days ago
I agree you should at least be able to turn off the effects if they're distracting to you. I like them, but I understand completely.
5days ago
Are you nuts?! Glossy and Prismatic cards increase your post duel rewards... the whole reason you duel is for the rewards, why would you want to reduce them?

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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan the crypto troll is at it again :)
It says October 25th dummy, that's when the stuff becomes available
Any plans for the chimeratech overdragon event to return soon?
Choose cheap meta you win,choose anything else you lose
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