What deck should i buy? New player

I dont know what kind of deck should i buy im new :s


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Shiranui are good and it's a small pack, so generally takes less gems to build. Have at it.
wheres the "real" website then ya troll
This website does not belong to Konami, they can't help you. It's a huge fraud.
try the first one in order of appearance
This website does not belong to Konami, they can't help you. It's a fraud
for now shiranui has high potential but start investing on darklords
Blue Eyes Ex Three times

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Hey guys i am trying to sell my acc of duel links if you interested mail me

Past 7 season Kog games 6000gems: Darklord magnet, triamid,six sam etc many good decks

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quite broken tbh very useful in ninja is back
I am happy that we have a New character, but I am a bit disappointed by thé design of Joey...
Nope, Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight is a Mini Box UR
I meant using pirit barrier + Chthonian Soldier. this would make him like Amazoness Swordsman
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