Bug? Can't summon Sun Dragon Inti

I have summoned thunder dragob with thunder dragons hundred thunder effect and summoned fire ant ascator, but i cant synchro summon Sun Dragon Inti, i summoned it once but then until now i couldnt summon inti, anyone know how? Is it bug or do i missplay? :(


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Thunder Dragons' Hundred Thunders trap effect prevents you from special summoning monsters, except Thunder monsters. Synchro Summoning is considered a special summon. Therefore, it is not a bug.
i CaN't ReAd CarDs.

But seriously thought, please know your cards before you play them and if something not working out, then there is something you missed/didn't read.
It's not a bug, it just a misplay on your side.
with the trap you mentioned you can only special summon thunder monsters as long as those are on the field

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^then such action would cause mass exodus from the player base. Then DL would be discontinued
nvm, had misread that the effect of Shiranui Samuraisaga, it's not targeting
You can't power creep Aleister
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