Will yugioh zexal in the near future ?

I'm asking because I've been watching zexal recently and I wanted to know if it would be added soon

30days ago


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30days ago
Everything past 5Ds is being added into the Switch game, which is basically Duel Links Expanded
30days ago
Probably in early fall like when GX and 5ds worlds were launched.
30days ago
Of course. Why wouldn't zexal be added in the game later on? Stupid question. You dumbfuck.
30days ago
There's not much info about that yet. But from the pattern when GX & 5Ds were released, there's a chance Zexal is coming late this year.

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As a former Sylvan player this card texts made my brain explode.
Lol, as if that greatly affects the deck. Nope. Just semi-limiting Dojo virtually changes noth...
You should added Dark Creator for shit and giggity
It loses to hazys man just saying
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