Will yugioh zexal in the near future ?

I'm asking because I've been watching zexal recently and I wanted to know if it would be added soon


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2days ago
Es probable que si agregen arc v porque estan agregando mazos como el sinfonico que usan pendulo
10days ago
When is zexeal going to be added and what charters are going to be in it
Kur do te Dali yugioh zeksal
2016- Duel Monsters
2017 - GX
2018 - 5D's
I see Zexal being added some time before the end of this year, honestly idk why it’s taken so long I mean Arc-V finished years ago and Vrains is already 90+ episodes into its series. I don’t see Arc-V or Vrains getting in though just because of Pendulum & Link Summoning would force Konami to change the game in its entirety. But yeah Zexal’s coming as you can see we’re getting more extra deck slots so that mean there’s creating more space so you can at least 2 Fusion, 2 Synchro & 2 XYZ, or 3 of one and 3 of another etc It sucks though Arc-V & Vrains won’t be in Duel Links because of the format when Vrains should be just because they both run off of Speed Duels. All I know is Konami is taking way to long to add new shit, there’s still plenty of characters we’re missing (idc that their cards are in either we just want more choices to choose from) and a lot cards as well.
I want my favorite kite tenjo with galaxy eyes photo dragon support deck!!!
I want Malik Blishtar you can wait for zexal Malik is important
I want yugioh zexal and yugioh arc v to be in english dubbed
It probably will because unlike ArcV and VRAINS it doesn’t edit core game mechanics. Also it has great opportunity for event characters with characters like Vetrix or Nistro

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I mean, the OCG made us errata Goyo Guardian after it was unlimited and doing nothing in the TCG ...
At least it’s big and well shaped, unlike you
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