Reset or not?

I opened 20 packs and I got black rose dragon and a couple random sr. Should I reset or not? Do I really need more than one black rose dragon?


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No, 1 BRD is more than enough.

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Pack gems

Why did I not receive gems for the new pack? All the events give less gems now than before. Now t...

Does Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter make Dark Illusion miss the timming?

A Darklord deck was using it and I could not activate the card in responce.

Bug when launching apps

This bug suddenly happened and until now still can't open apps. I already tried to reinstal...

Deck editing help

Want to add one buster whelp amd DS fusion to the decl to counter meta dragon decks. How should i...

R-Eyes Fusion Deck Help

Want to add one buster whelp amd DS fusion to the decl to counter meta dragon decks. How should i...

Why Jaden Yuki did not use the Blazeman effect of getting Polymerization in Tag Duels?

He (Partner Yuki) draws Fusion Material Monsters such as Elemental Hero Stratos 2x using E Hero C...

Will Konami ever let we get the mats and sleeves from this tag team event again?

I used auto duel on most of the tag team duels and forgot about the bonus mats and sleeves that w...

When will the Earthbound immortals be available?

Mannn we need them earthbound immortals and the rest of the Lord cards. Also let us have a chance...

Statue of Anguish Pattern just blew up my Elemental HERO Wildheart

Is this a bug? I thought Wildheart's ability would protect him from Statue's destructio...

Rarity not showing on rewards?

I recently got Earthshaker from Solemn Odion and Decoyroid from Syrus Truesdale and their rarity ...



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What is Seto Kaiba doing?
Brother, i doubt you know how Duel Links works. Each maintenance adds files such as new datas for...
Use Balance (skill) version, more consistent and that way you can also play as Yugi: 3x Magici...
I like to run a Copy Plant, it works amazing to counter some stuff. If you get lava golem you can...
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