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What card will yall get? Its kinda shit to invest on older packs so im thinking sphere kuriboh and mirror wall


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I hope we get another one of these next week when WCS 2018 Finals start.
I'm thinking in advance and can't really decide between 2nd Sphere Kuriboh or 2nd Floodgate.
Considering I mostly play Amazoness in Ranked, Floodgate would be the obvious choice, but I'm considering another fact - I'm probably never gonna open packs in Sphere Kuriboh main box, while I still might go for some things in Floodgate main box later one (although also unlikely tbh, considering how quickly new stuff is released, and the inability to catch up without massive P2W).
New player here. Thinking between Borg, Sphere, Cosmic Cyclone or Divine Wrath.
With all those Fur Hires I meet in Pvp. I prefer Divine, however, don't know if that will be wise. Just asking. :)
vagrants ... they buy vagrants as it give massive exp each fight.
Since I got Mirror Wall by those vol 1 things, I spent mine on getting that thousand hands card to work on getting a CA deck.
Used for Tyrant Drake but I regret that...
I have spent my dream ticket on Cosmic Cyclone, because it is currently one of the best backroll removal in the game
I went for mirror wall, then opened selection box and got 2nd copy of mirror wall. I felt so fucking depressed at that momento then I was ok when using 2 mirror walls in my ranked games
in order to be competitive you need versatility, i went with mirror wall.
if you play for fun and enjoyment then anything goes, get those interesting fun cards for a funtime.
divine wrath cause the box it's in sucks but the card will always be meta cause so many monsters rely on their effects
I went with Chaos Command Magician. That way, I don't have to needlessly waste gems into buying from the regular pack. Now I run two copies of the card to try and farm Alexis lvl. 40. I'm pretty old school, and I enjoy playing cyber angel just to level up my characters. I'm not a serious player, so if that's the kind of advice you want I apologize for not being able to provide it. Hopefully this answer shed some light on how you would like to spend the UR Dream Ticket. Good luck!

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destiny heroes are in the meta so its unnecessary
It does work when face-down flipped up from battle destruction.
oh well hes not gonna get added for a long long time i can tell you that much lol
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