Good Deck with 5k Gems Max?!

I’m not rich, can’t shop nothing. I would like to have a deck that is GOOD (for me good ISN’T incredible), like around Tier 3 or Tier 4, that does require more than 5k Gems. Something that can lead me to Silver/Gold league on PvP. Any idea?


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31days ago
Ritual Beast maybe
31days ago
LunaLight, Amazoness, Aromage
Very sure the answer is SHS, Aromage, and Digital Bugs.

Other decks tends to be more expensive than 5k gems.
You can try blackwings, you only need 6 URs from 2 different main boxes.
Blue eyes is probably your best bet. It's a strong deck that has potential future support.
All you need to get to Silver/Gold is Power of the Guardians... the noob players can NEVER get over that card. You'll even sometimes see them here, asking to ban this card. Get yourself 3 copies of that OP card.
You can also get some decent decks by buying some structure decks and mix them together. They are extremely cheap and even though they're not optimized, they can bring you easily to Gold/Silver rank.

Here are some options:

Blue-Eyes Evolution
The White Dragon of Legend
(Make sure to add Alternative Dragon too)

HERO generation
Neos Fusion
Masters of Chaos (only for Keeper)

Return of Red-Eyes
Masters of Chaos (for Keeper & Power of the Guardians and some more Warriors)

Noble Knights and Fire Kings are also good with only one structure deck and some staples.
Aromage use a lot of cards from the card trader and you can build a decent deck with only going through a box once. But it can be really boring.

Superheavy Samurai have some potential too and they can surely bring you to Gold. Plus, they don't need any staple traps.

If you want a really cheap deck, you can try out Digital Bugs. But they have quite a few bad matchups.

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sadly newb casuals always complain about this all-purpose farm deck since they can't afford ...
Great!! Dna Surgery - water A legendary ocean - minus 1 level Stygian Dirge - minus 1 level ...
Or maybe an "Utopic" Xyz, so that Halfway to Forever actually can summon one.
I read that in Echoes Act 3's voice
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