Please konami!!

Will konami ever do collaboration with BTS? i love BTS, best kpop ever! i think its very good idea for promotion and have more players! what you guys think? #ARMY


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31days ago
yes!! please make card with BTS archetype with very op effects, bts is best music group ever #ARMY
Why did the MOD approve this question?
You want BTS faces in children cards?
Lol. Best community ever!
This is actually a good question, it'd be a smart move to do a collab with them, all the fan girls are thirsty for their small asian pp
Ok why is this question even here in the first place?!
Why is this kinda question could pass?

Moderator delete this!
A collaboration with the Baptist Theological Seminary? I don't think so.

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Can't wait for the rest of Gimmick puppet support to arrive
Are there other cards like Exchange or Gift Exchange? I wanna trade cards with my opponents and t...
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It is from a recurring event. If you missed one, wait for it to return.
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