Game won't load with mobile data

Haven't been able to log into Duel Links with mobile data for more than half a year now. It only shows the Konami-Anniversary screen and then a black screen with the yellow loading-animation. I have waited hours on this screen but it won't ever connect.


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Could be your phone settings. Check if Duel Links is allowed to use your mobile data.
Due the provider maybe, I change to another mobile data provider or connect a hotspot with different provider that has been blocked and it worked.
I have the same problem, i did reinstall it nothing change

My suggestion is "Use VPN" To login/open and deactivate it

It's either Konami or your provider that make this happen (since 5.2 i believe)
you downloaded a hacked version of the game, play legit...

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Once we have Links we will be able to control 4
*every time we get a new character unlock
Guys no need to complain. It is what it is: a nice little event that is not a big deal nor intend...
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