Connection failed ?

Is it possible that someone somehow "forced" my connection to fail ?
I just went up against the same guy two times in a row, and both times i got a connection failed exactly when i pulled off the game winning move.
Is it just very bad luck or can it be something else ?


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every time that I start as firt in pvp, I have the same problem.
Since the recent update, everytime I do something that make the game buffer, it's always failing to connect then it will connect again after I retry. Its okay if I play against NPC but when I play PvP it's no fun and it's ruining my rank. I get losses more from connection failure than actual loosing.
idk if it's gotten more severe or something but now I get instant connection failed on the first turn, for the past 23 games in a row
5 connection failed in a row
Same here, just happened to me now. Aren't the developers going to take action here? It's ruining a specially fun game to play.
Same here, I can play the game fine, i can 1v1 my friends but whenever i duel rank i keep getting connection failed when im about to win the next turn!!!! so freaking frustrated!!!!!
Yet another KOG run ruined by a "connection failed" game loss. Here's a question. Since the game sends different signals to the server to indicate a game loss (surrender, time-overage, LP reaching zero, and deck-out) why did Konami chose for a connection error to result in a game loss and not in a neutral "no-contest" result for both players? This is disqualifying garbage game design? This change is really simple to make? I'm so lost. The game is 4 years old with active updates. What is going on here.
it usually happens when you are on smartphone and the opponent is on pc
That's why when the PvP event is up, I just let the opponents/ cheaters win the game... No need to continue it since the Connecton Failed always happen when I'm about to win.
Yeah, the PVP is this good. The error Connection Failed has been there, AND STILL THERE for more than 1.5 years. Looks like the Developer just care about your money.

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you must play 3 elephant 3 ram and 2 tuner
u use all your hand just for 1 play ... then what? onomats turn 1 bounzer + 3 sets LOL
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