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I don't have limit reverse or trunade. What other cards for the backrow will work with this deck?
how about hallowed life barrier for protection??
Could always go with pulse mines
Any generic staple ones, I guess. Things like Econ, a copy of Canadia/Floodgate, or WoD and Windstorm of Etaqua, since without Limit Reverse, you have to make your monster survive instead of being able to revive them.
<< Anonymous
Windstorm > Pulse Mines, if you just want to run a copy.

Most of the time, you won't use Pulse Mines until after your opponent summon something, sometimes you won't even activate Pulse Mines until Battle Phase, in that case, Pulse Mines is just a worse Windstorm since it also requires you to control a Machine.
<< Anonymous
Pulse mines is good against OTK deck that uses backrow removal before starting their swarm.

It's personal preference of course.


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I dont know how old your comment is but still... good joke! I have 4or5? Cyber Dragons but still ...
Darklord can abuse this card so not a expensive cost
Shiranui may be better as a synchro engine than a pure deck :v
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