How to beat/farm Yami Marik Lvl 40 (Gate)

Ojama sucks
30% successbility with 1 swamp and 1 fusion sage, Ojama SUCKS on Marik farming
Indeed. No spellcounters for the mask and how about his lava golem. Total bs.
<< Anonymous(Vinnah)
Lmao you summoned 2 monsters knowing that he has a lava golem, no wonder you can't beat him.
Ojama is good and pretty much faster than traditional Ra + Golden Lady Bug farming, unless you don't know how to use it. Read the card's descriptions carefully bro.
<< Anonymous
So, where's the part about dealing with both Mask of the Accursed in the Ojama section? Because that's a bigger problem than Lava Golem.
Ez, keep fusion summoning Ojama Knight using your Ojama Knight (equipped with masked of Accursed) and another Ojama monster. Your opponent only has 2 Mask cards, and you have 3 Poly which is enough to deal with. Last turn, use Ojama Country to special summon another Ojama Knight from GY or fusion summon if you haven't use all your Polys.
Ojama King isn't necessary, unless you want to get card sleeves and game mat but you only summon him during your last turn, as early summon gonna waste your Ojama monster resources.
Do not summon 2 monsters except during your last turn, always fusion summon Ojama Knight to lock 2 monster zones of your opp. If you can't manage to lock 2 zones as he already has 2 monsters on his field, keep attacking so he only has 1 which keep him from tribute summon Des Gardius, as he will use Jeroid to reduce your atk. Good luck bro.
Another way (much better) to deal with Mask cards is to switch to defense mode, and let his monster destroys yours. Next turn, use Ojama Country to summon Knight back.
I don't really remember but i think you should summon knight in defense mode and keep it like that till last turn. If i recall correctly, he won't equip mask of the accursed on a 0 attack monster. In last turn you summon 2nd ojama knight in attack, play ojama country switch your 2nd knight to attack and then, you summon vassal, and for nightmare wheel use anti magic arrows.
<< Anonymous(slasher)
Agree, i have done it myself..


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nah man Shiranuis are pretty strict on only using Zombie Tuners.
Lol there are TONS of arbitrary cards with no particular archetype that either require you to use...
Yeah but the rewards are disappointing. Why Konami won't give him cubic card as drop?
They been had Z-one if Duel Links. Search it up on Card Catalog.
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