Duel Island: Gladiator Beast [Jul 13 - Jul 23]

Aside from the AI making your deck do some stupid things and the card rewards that I didn't care for, I actually liked this event. Sounds like I might be the only one, though.
The idea wasn't that bad but the implementation was beyond bad and combined with underwhelming cards you've got one of worst events ever
Mah boi
I actually liked this event too. It was a good opportunity to test new decks against the meta without risking your rank. Not to mention that most lottery events are good for gem farming.
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
I calculated ~100 coins needed for each gem.
So you have to farm a lot to get a few hundred gems.



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You say "Psy-Frames" as if anyone will use any of the Psy-Frames not named Omega, lol
I am using Yugi Muto and his skill Grandpa's card. The moment Yubel summonmed Terror incarn...
We did get 500 gems during Gaia Genesis' release last month.
counter / dodge 1) Negate the activation of the trap card 2) Curse of Anubis (effect monsters o...
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