Mokuba Unlock Event (Bingo Mission)

I find it just rude that the Bingo Mission is unavailable for older players. Sure I understand I cannot unlock Mokuba again, but with other events; if you already had the character you would get an UR orb or 2 SR orbs. But even apart from that, I would also want just as much the extra gems and R-orbs gained from this.
makes no sense to me, I have an account who is like... 2 months old? and I can unlock mokuba. How old is your account?
<< Anonymous(weird)
This isn't the first time the Mokuba event is here - thise that have already unlocked him in a previous event cannot even participate in this event, making us lose out on Gems and other nifty rewards. Feelsbadman.
I don't think this is a NEW Mokuba event. Pretty sure it just never actually left. (Obviously, once you finish it, you can't really keep track of whether it's still in the game or not.)
<< Anonymous
This. The bingo is a permanent event.
<< Anonymous
Just an idea
To be honest bruh ! Since mokuba's Bingo missions give you like 500 free gems if you complete both sheets, I believe they are going to disable the bingo to avoid players creating new accounts each month to get everything for free.
N still some of us ARE older players but jus locked out cus I deleted app once
<< Anonymous(Pewwpeww)
As I pointed out a long time ago (seriously, why reply to a month+ old post?), this isn't a new thing. It's the exact same one us old players unlocked Mokuba from in the first place. We're not missing out on anything. It's like complaining a new player can get the Stage 2 mission rewards. >.>



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