Blackwing Synchro: deck recipe [Aug 20]

Thank you Black Wings for getting me KoG for many consecutive seasons in a row, but I guess it was finally your time. Komoney hit you three times before they actually made you mostly unplayable. While I could always replace Blackbird close with generic traps, it won’t be the same. Until we next time when we get more BL support, I’ll be waiting.
I should report you as being false Blackwing fan. Real fans will stick it out through thick and thin. Also Blackbird Close really didn't hinder the deck all that much because of the various substitute traps. Swap your Close for Fiendish.
<< Anonymous
I actually ended up sticking with Blackwings since I invested so much in the deck. I just replaced Blackbird Close with Forbidden Chalice because effect negation is crucial for this deck when going first. And if your opponent top decks Cosmic (they always do), you can at least active it to give your monsters a small boost which made some decks unable to beat over. (1/2)
<< Anonymous
This deck was definitely more reliable with the hand trap when going first but it actually did alright in ranked and the Nov 2020 KC cup. And with the most recent ban list announcement, it’s likely BW will be back up to tier 1-2. And don’t forget, this deck still has potential support to be released in DL. (2/2)
<< Anonymous(OP)
or the potential to be the next target of the banlist
Blackbird close can easily be swapped with fiendish chain. Also you don’t News to use cosmic cyclone, because delta crow is a better option to destroy your opponent’s set cards


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Only with a pendulum summoned monster as material
For me the worse thing is nostalgia card (too late to be released) like Dreadmaster taking up a s...
Forgotten and @@@ decks like Electromagnet or Six Samurais are coming to meta again . Grateful d...
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