Spellbook: deck recipe

Each time I have to wait for a Spellbook f.aggot to play a f.uck load of cards in their turn, I make them wait every second in mine. Enjoy playing this cancer r.etard deck, pay to virgins ^_^
And then they report you for timer stall lmao
<< Anonymous
Implying Konami does something about it. I've been doing it since that crappy deck was released. u mad ape? ^_*
The spellbook player csnt help that he has to draw several cards.

You however are worse for making someone wait on purpose.
I don't mind waiting if I'm winning lol
Nah dude, you're cancer, not spellbook players
<< Anonymous
Glad to see im not the only 1 who didnt like wut this prick had to say XD
Really?? "Pay to virgins"?? Did it take u all night to come up with that one?? Dont hate cuz u broke as a bad joke son, i buy wut i want.



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The pack required does not list Power of Bravery for some reason lol (not to mention Witch Rai...
I wonder if they will come inside Luna's box.
this is more like a B+ or A-, you use it with vylon stella as a tuner and you get to use its effe...
Opening with 4 Remoten then drawing into your 5th, would be hilarious
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