Upcoming events/updates [Sept 2018]

My predictions for next month: [Early July] Obtain a Legendary Duelist An all new Duel-A-Thon is coming! This is your chance to unlock Syrus Truesdale again! "I'm ready to take on the world!" [Mid July] Obtain a Legendary Duelist A Duel Spirit is making his Duel Links debut "Even in Duels, all things within exists Neo-Space!" [Mid July] A new character is coming to Duel Links Duel against a fan requested character and receive exclusive rewards! "Now I'll take my Gravekeeper's duties diligently!" [Late July] The Duel Links World Championship has reached the final stage! Duelists who have made it past the qualifiers Duel to determine the next Duel World King! Aim your way to the top! [Late July] Duel Island Returns! Challenge Duelists' Defending Decks from around the world and construct your own! The next theme is "Batteryman"! [Early August] Obtain a Legendary Duelist A character exclusive to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series anime is making his debut in a game! "I'm going for the Happily Ever After!" [Early August] A certain Duelist is making a return Yubel will be roaming outside of the D.D. Tower this time! But you won't obtain her just yet! "The true pain has just begun! ==Updates for Late July= *Tag Duel Tournament PvP will become available. *More search options in the Card Catalog.
<< Anonymous
They are just predictions, not meant to serve as what I think will happen even if it doesn't happen.
<< Anonymous
It's Leon.
<< Anonymous
There’s loads of filler characters in the game and leon will defo be in it...
<< Anonymous
Thank you anon who knows there are many filler characters in the game already.
Konami, please add Zane, Duke, regular Marik, Yubel and Atticus as unlockable characters
I wouldn't mind some Batteryman.
the voice of reason
Shut the up with your stupud predictions always following the same bullshit trend hoping konami will release your favorite characters in one month back to back
<< Anonymous(eoihfi)
You read my mind with all of these ones.



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op :d
can KoG be demoted ?
They can hit other cards. They are not limited Komushrumo (SR) but noone play Sylvans anymore.
Grepher is an option i guess
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