Land of the Titans: Cardbox

Wonder sky was one of the worst minibox hopefully this one is better.
I'm not agree. I think there is few card which is versatile inside the wonder sky, some of it has been use through the KOG deck. For me, cards like diskblade rider, rising energy and twister is very useful in beatdown deck.
Had good Ultras plus Sonic duck and bird face. 1 or 2 copies of big bang shot worth it as well
you know, that box was the whole reason why Harpie deck became so OP.
Desert twister also became kinda meta
I think he didnt get hhg so he didnt know what is the purpose of buying that pack xD
<< Anonymous
He does have a point though, wonder of sky only have 4 cards that are decent: Dessert Twister, Diskblade Rider, Birdface, and Sonic Duck. You need 3 of each for them to be competitive. 3 of them being UR/SR which means multiple reset is necessary but the rest being either craps or just niche at best so you need to spend a lot and only get little
wonder of the sky was worst ???
Cant you see the best decks that run with it ? HHG deck , DT deck and HHG relinquished deck :|
that was the best mini pack ever
<< Anonymous
Nope, there is rising energy that i use as replacement for mirror wall. Plus, since it just mini box, its easier to pull all the ur and sr compare to main box. To be truth, i already complete this box just using gems without spend real money
<< Anonymous
Fck Harpies humping grounds. Most unoriginal shit out there. Hopefully they Nerf it... This is the worst box. I'm at platinum and all you see is Harpies. Have fun buying a soon to be useless box! (They Nerfed bandit Kieth(unnecessary), after Tea, Mai is next!)
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher.
"Wonder sky was one of the worst minibox hopefully this one is better."
Haha, guess you were wrong. Imo this pack (land of titans) is worse. But yeah wonder of the sky was also a trashy mini box apart from some decent SR/UR cards (desert twister, atmosphere, big bang shot, rising energy, summoned skull, black skull dragon).



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same, still waiting on Atticus
I like this card with Traptrix.
Konami needs to give us this to help slash
I had a weird dream in it konami execs were touching my ass, has this happened to anyone before?
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