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I was playing against a deck that had this card. I had Koa'ki Meiru Sandman on the field, but I was not given an option to negate Ultimate Providence effect. Any reason why that would be?
Check up "spell speed"

It's ygo basics
Because, shockingly that, Sandman is not a Counter Trap, I guess.
U really need to learn more about rulings of this game dude!
This guy has a discard as a cost. Meaning that it takes 2 steps for it to activate the effect. Can miss timing.
<< Anonymous
What the hell are you talking about?
How does it miss timing when it couldn't even be activated?
I guess u don't understand the concept of spell speed as well.
<< Anonymous
Well you can't negate a card unless it finishes its cost, then it has another effect. So its two effects but one at a time.
<< Anonymous
it's not even about missing the timing, also cost is not an effect

it's simply because monster effect has a lower Speed Spell than counter trap


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trash, would be useful if it can spell or traps too
We need judgement
you forgot the field, we can only control 3 monsters. That plus the fact that the deck capacity (...
Decent beater, good coin fodder for master of destiny despacito decks.
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