Fur Hire: deck recipe [Mar 2020]

Fur Hire is still solid, I'm only struggling against this 🔥ed six sams deck
Loxy McFly
6sam is not a problem once you learn how to deal with the deck. just use canadia on fuma to prevent the sychro and cyclone/Wiz for Shien's dojo. Enishi can still be annoying but it's not that hard to deal with him
<< Anonymous(Loxy McFly)
So smart
But what to do if you go second and here Shi En and 1 - 2 Duel wields or Enidhi are ready for you?
<< Anonymous
Omg favre
Lose with dignity
<< Anonymous
Fur hire is a smooth brain deck


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That could change because of either change of plans or COVID-19
I understand Yuma & Astral (like Lumis and Umbra) as one character at start of Zexal world wo...
Basically a cheaper and better Forbidden Lance, but requires you to control no monster. .....B...
^ Then please show us how good Gouki is without their Links, I'm curious.
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