Dragunity Synchro: deck recipe [Jan 2020 Updated]

Can i get a rate on my deck and maybe some tips on how to make it better. Im using the one listed here on the wiki until i get a better feel for how they work in duel links. Im missing one Dox and Phalanx I dont have any double cyclones or parallel twisters. Im hoping someones tried a different combination or cards that runs smoother without bricking as often as this the one im running.
Sealed Tombs?
This is going to sound pretty wild and crazy, but I believe one of the best skills to make Dragunity competitive might be actually Sealed Tombs since you need to counter Vampire Vamp and some other decks that might kick your dragons.
I'm no pro. But personally I feel yours is good enough. Only thing I can pick on is probably remove 1 cosmic.

To make it better, you can +1 dux, replace cosmic with DC/ parallel/ storm/ release restraint wave. I'm not sure any other good replacement.
Lovely Aster
I like it. If you add double cyclone to this eventually, you can even use it on your field spell to get it going. Cosmic cyclone is good to get quick as the wind going. But if you change it so that you don't have any or only 1, peak performance would be available faster, but also maybe more prone to destruction faster, so quick as the wind is still good either way, I guess.
<< Anonymous(Sealed Tombs?)
That is wild and crazy. Ill have to try it out. Seems like a decent counter for Vamps, Silvers Cry (Blue eyes), and mirror match.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Ill have to grind for those DC and test em out. Could run smoother than CC and with no life cost. Maybe even go for two with Aklys. Its definitely a card i wanna get. Instead of Quick as Wind i could run Beatdown. I find Peak preformance not worth it with Blue eyes dominating.
<< Anonymous
Thanks for the card suggestions! Storm could be handy but id waste good card for its cost. I also tried Release Restraint Wave with no luch since most deck currently dont run many battle traps like they used to. So most of the time its dead in my hand. I also dont have Parallel but ill keep it in mind.
<< Anonymous(Sealed Tombs?)
I like sealed tombs but only against Vamps since they drain their own LP enough where the power boost from QATW, Beatdown etc. Isn't needed, but for every other deck, Vag can only get to 3800 without the equip card for the ALMOST OTK.
My current build is 3 Dux, 3 Phalanx, 1 Arma Mystletainn, 2 Aklys, 2 Militum, 3 cards of consonance, 1 cosmic cyclone(need 2 more), 2 enemy controller (what ill replace with cyclone) and 3 Divine Lance. This build is pretty clean, I tend to get to the otk combo almost right away. Maybe only lost with this deck 2 or 3 times to other otk decks. going first kinda sucks for this deck sometimes lol.
<< Anonymous(mork)
Just use beatdown and there you are
<< Anonymous
Dragunity are capable of very fast otk omg,
Lose two mystletain add another militum and dux, focus on aklys and militum since that is one turn synchro and will lead to most of your otk combos also hey trunade would be better than cosmic this way you can get rid of multiple pesky backrow in order to get that otk and not use up your life should you brick and maybe some drowning mirror I run two in mine, at the end of the day deck will still
wtf how dragunity is not even top tier, is op, u can litelly otk someone 1st turn if u are second to start


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ah sorry i didnt follow event before
Last tip, i recommend that you do not take gems that can be obtained at any time, and get only ge...
stardust cant counter that nordic relic trap.. nor can shien or red eyes
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