Superb Tea Event [Jul 17 - Jul 23]

I'm not a brain dead, copy-paste duelist. I like to make my own decks or improve on others' ideas. I've been trying to think of a good skill-less/common skill deck. After a few tries, I finally had a successful farm..... This is how Komoney rewards me.
BTW, I'm doing skill-less/common skill to level up my characters.
same here dont cry ;(
at least u have 7000x2
It's the double keys and gold campaign.
Reinventing the wheel much?
Mind sharing the decklist? I'm tired of her screwing over dark paladin
<< Anonymous
If you have the Elements Unite, I'd use that. Tried Dark Paladin the first time and got lucky to win. I had him on the field first turn, negated the first Sanctuary of the sky, but she immediately played her second copy. If you can't negate both right away it's hard to win. Use the Elements Unite Counter Counter version posted here if possible (or a variant) and you'll have much more success.
But you should know that you sound pretty darn 🔥 by just repeating the same thing over and over again on this site. If you're going to talk smack about how awesome you claim to be, have a decklist to back it up with. Otherwise, you should just 🔥 and stop stereotyping every other player in the world.
<< Anonymous
BTW, I'm still waiting to see these "fun and creative decks" that you keep mentioning. Although I guess I'll probably be waiting forever. I think that you are a fake.
get good :O
<< Anonymous
He probably just changed one card in a basic farm deck
<< Anonymous
Oh, the typical "I have my own creations, I am so superior!"... But in the end, he just changed something with Jar of Greed. Boring.
Lol, now tell me the point of doing it?
People spend time and missed potential rewards to find an optimal deck. Then we took the deck they found most optimal and started to farming with most efficient way while you trying to discover america again.
Congrats on finding an original(!) deck to farm an AI you probably won't see again.


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Just hit DLV MAX with this build right here.
then block
I will block after you use this once.
Your opponent never bricks playing blue eyes. ONLY YOU.
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