How to beat/farm Mai Valentine Lvl 40

Ojamas work flawlessly. Don't use land of the ojamas skill. Just put ojama country in the deck. Last turn, put king and knight in attack position, activate field spell, vassal, unionn att, and ama.
TY for the suggestion. Deck works great.
can someone pleas post the Ojamas deck used to farm Mai LVL 40
<< Anonymous(frammy)
Not entirely sure how consistent it is but it does work if you can get either of the fusion out before Mai gets a full field of monsters. I got 7,000-7,500 duel score with this so far.
if you want you don't even need to run ama. you could run more card draw to speed the farm up
It's trash to farm her with used it 9 times only won once



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Honestly, the Skill suggestions are usually pretty valid and one of the more common options. Dest...
Glad this card comes in a TINY BOX. I got it just with 200 gems yesterday
I mean, just as SSA etc when their main boxes were released
The one from the current Card Flipper campaign is our second. (The only other one is the Rex leve...
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