King of Game decks [Apr 2018]

I refuse to play Sylvan, such shitty looking cards and it doesn't even look fun to play. Will stick with alien and save gems until a fun and good looking meta comes out
Marshalleaf looks like a deformed Celebi knock-off.
yeah grinding gems instead of buying this box just to play sylvan lengthen my longevity. really dont know why people want to get cancer so much like that.
too bad, yugioh have lots of potencial metas that have this childish characters. Don't forget naturias and geargea.
<< Anonymous(hashi)
Just be glad we don't have Wind-Up archetype yet.

And not just childish ones, "waifu" decks are getting meta as well nowadays.

See: Trickstar and Sentouki in real life TCG/OCG
<< Anonymous
While in DL, Amazoness will soon reign supreme as the meta "waifu" deck.
<< Anonymous
Wind-Up, as cute as they are, has Zenmaity, who is so mighty, it had to be hit by the OCG/TCG banlist TWICE.

It was Limited at first, but even that is not enough, and it gets Banned later on.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous know what, thinking about it, Wind-Up feels like something Konami definitely will throw into DL sometime in the future.
Well dudes!
Just in case you don't know, RELINQUISHED IS QUITE A LOOKER!!! YEAH BRO!,and it is so tier 1 and of course kog worthy, but you know what ur problem is? You dudes are a bunch of followers, you only play what this web presents as T1. Fools, no personality at all!. With such MEDIOCRE mentality even chuck norris didn't win in vietnam. YEAAAHH U Know what they say: You'll never win if u give in 2hatred



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Oh, sorry... On the last turn you need either two Dark Paladins with DNA Surgery naming Dragon...
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