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How can I improve this deck Skill: fustion time King of the swamp X3 Blue dragon summoner X2 Sparkman X2 Burstinatrix X2 Avian X2 Nobleman of extermination X2 Super rush headlong X2 Polymerization X2 Fusion reserve X3 Shining flare wingman X2 Flame Wingman X2 V hero trinity X1
For me, firstly I would take out both burstinatrix & avian.

Use miracle fusion time skill.

You can also remove blue dragon summoner & run 3 spark to draw it consistently.

Put blazeman (can send spark to grave to use with skill & can also help thin deck and boost Shining flare).

The rest is up to you.
after changes, it's still not competitive, but still a fun deck
How the anon is going to summon Shining Flare Wingman without Burstinatrix and Avian? Considering the anon doesn't run Fusion Tag.....
<< Anonymous
You use Fusion Substitutes like King of the Swamp or the Hex-Sealeds. Using Flame Wingman is a massive waste of resources.
How can i search for fusion substitute monster except sanger
<< Anonymous
Oh yeah, I didn't notice the anon runs 2 KoTS
Besides blazeman, there is also vyon and woodsman for polymerization searchers. I just never know how many I should include in a deck. I am having the same problem creating e-hero decks.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Yeah, issue with E-Hero is lack fusion support especially the omni-fusion are not available yet (except Nova master) and miracle fusion stuck as a skill.

I am the 1st replying anon (forgot to put name). For me I would put something like this (as F2P fun deck)

1 Blaze
1 Vyon
3 Spark
1 Neos
1 Woods
2 Poly
2 Oversoul
1 Righteous
1 Miracle contact (for neos knight)
4 staples S/T
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
This build that I'm suggesting for the E-Hero deck that want to use Shining Flare Wingman.

Otherwise, I wouldn't suggest using Spark at all.


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how do u get this card other than the deck. i have 1 but i want to get another 1
is there any equip spell in rush duel?
Both often have equally stupid ideas
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