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This card is pretty dumb to me, I have three and thought it would work great. It says "The selected Spell or Trap Cards cannot be activated." Which is a lie because righ after I selected two set cards they activated on. Which is beyond dumb. IDC if they are quick play chain or not. It states they can not be activated and literally right after you activate this card they can activate theirs. This card should say activate this card to select two set spell/trap cards your opponent controls. Your opponent must activate them now or will not be able to activate them. Because that's what it really does.
Daemon Blitzkrieg
If you knew anything about the Chain System, you'd know that's EXACTLY what the card says w/out saying it out right. Also, this legit powerful card has been in YuGiOh! since forever so if you can't figure it out, then its not for you. Move on.
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
for one thats BS the chain system in duel links is designed to control cards for example enemy controller being the last in the chain unless youre using it on a cyber angel where it becomes the first. Konami just makes you guess what the card actually does until you use it and then theres a the possibility that they change it overnight to nerf a card. Balancing is ok with me but in secret? lame.
Mah Boi
Dude, the chain system is supposed to be interactive: if you opponent activates an effect, you will have a chance to respond, and vice-versa. However, sometimes the chain system is pretty dumb. Example: Cyber Angel Idaten's tributing effect is immediately chained to Dakini's summoning effect, preventing the activation of a Counter Trap to negate Dakini's effect.
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Mah Boi
Why would I run a Counter Trap if I can't chain it when I need to?
that's how the game works, you silly
Trainer Oak
the same applies to sergeant electro, basically, they waste their econs until they have none and then brick them with the card.
A) That's how chain works.
B) Even if they're activated, they're not activated under the circumnstances your opponent expected, you still get value out of Xing.
Chains work bottom up so your card activates last in the chain,Even though you activated it first...
Counter traps like "counter counter" or "double snear" will stop that them chaining or even bait out there chain.
Almost no card can chain after a counter trap
<< Anonymous
I counter ur counter counter with my counter counter.


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