Espa Roba

I hope konami will nout release Jinzo card in Box. 3SD+Jinzo+Horus is a nightmare deck...almost total lockdown and totally broken. If they want to release Jinzo, i hope they only release one of a kind.
Make YuGIoH broken again! Srlsy tho I hate nephys copycats
Kai Zero
What is 3SD?
<< Anonymous(Kai Zero)
3 star demotion skill
The problem is 3SD needs to go... Most bonkers abusable skill in the game.
<< Anonymous
They need at least 3 turns to set that up. (2 if they use double summon)
If they open with horus, you could floodgate him. If they open with Jinzo you could econ take next turn. Not to mention they can only pop the skill once, so those 1000LPs are easy to pick off. I'm not worried at all.



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Kaiba has voicelines for a card related to his legendary dragon in the files (and Yami Yugi and J...
Well then, why do I not see anyone using it?
Ancient Gear Deck wrecks Yusei.
whichever one it shows up in
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