Upcoming events/updates [Sept 2018]

[Early August] Obtain two Legendary Duelists An all new Duel-a-thon is coming! Fill up your meter to unlock Para and Dox as separate characters! "Choose a gate to determine your fate!” [Early August] Event Exclusive Legendary Duelists are coming to the gate! Both new players and players who missed out on unlocking the event exclusive Legendary Duelists before will now be able to challenge and unlock them at the gate! The next addition to the Gate will be Yami Marik! In addition, more event exclusive Legendary Duelists will be added in the future. Further details will be revealed in upcoming notifications. [Early August] A certain Legendary Duelist will appear in Duel World! “My Egyptian God Card will take you down!” This is your chance to obtain Obelisk the Tormentor! [Mid August] D.D. Tower appears! The event “D.D. Tower: Light Dimension” has begun! New cards will be added as prizes for you to get! [Late August] Obtain four Legendary Duelists New characters are coming to Duel Links, making their debut! Play an all new event to obtain new cards and new characters! “My minions and I will take your very soul with the Seal of Orichalcos!” ==Updates for Late August= *You have to option change speed duel to regular duel and vice versa.
It wouldn't surprise me if Konami actually was stupid enough to waste their time with making the Paradox Brothers into separate characters.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Ok. How about Tristan Taylor, instead?
.....You did well with your wishlist until you hit the Orichalcos one....

Do you even aware how much non-protagonist cards from Orichalcos arc got released, let alone got released with its effect mostly intact (*glares at Orichalchos Shunoros*)
johan ashari
hore......,obelisk the tormentor is coming
<< Anonymous
Tristan is alright. I just wish they would give us Zane, good Marik, and Atticus first.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
for me is good,more 3k gems on the bank lol
Good predictions
Paradox brothers already out rip



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False. Everyone is gonna whine about Synchro Samurai and Nepthys-Yubel until those decks actually...
cok lambemu ^
Why is the AI so retarded... I feel like it tries to lose on purpose...
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