Aster Phoenix

This is right before he realized that celestial has been semi-limited.
Zane lover
Poor Aster. :(
But this ban didn't disagree with me at all.XD
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
It is not that bad. I am just glad they left mask change and Anki alone.
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
Zane lover
Agreed 100%.
<< Anonymous(Valencia )
Aqua dolphin lover
They will never hit SR/UR from box. Which is good.
<< Anonymous(Aqua dolphin lover)
"Aqua dolphin lover"?
You mean Taylor?
I think he is looking for the ultimate-D not for celestial ;)
<< Anonymous
That is true. It was Plasma that he was searching for in the anime. But this just looked so funny when you think of celestial and what it means along with econ in the masked hero deck that I couldn't resist.



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