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Anonymous 12days ago
electrodes? zane having a burn effect? gimme ZANE NOW !
Valencia 12days ago
Huh. I never thought of that possibilty. A variation of the shadow game skill?
DrillDude 12days ago
"Destiny Survivor", is that the skill Aster used during tag duel tournament recently that causes the game to freeze? (or so I heard)
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 11days ago
Destiny Survivor what does it do?
<< Anonymous
Valencia 11days ago
It is a glitched skill that was used by Aster during the tag duel event. Basically, he uses the powers of his awesomeness and hotness to freeze the whole duel and force you to surrender to him to get back to the game. A true pro tactic.
<< Anonymous
Xenon 11days ago
Afair: It adds 1-3 Destiny Heroes from your graveyard to your hand + 1 poly from your deck. This mean dangerous is coming again...
Zane had a similiar skill where he added Cyber Dragon from the graveyard to the hand. Never glitched the game for me. (^.^)
Anoymous 11days ago
I wonder if Electrodes will end up being something akin to D.D. Miasma for both players. In theory, that's a lot of burn damage, but Shadow Game hasn't seen a lot of use, so it might be fine. Alternatively, it might just burn a set amount each turn, or when a player takes damage some other way. (The last point would more closely mimic how the devices worked in the anime.)



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Fur Hires "43" WOW Second Tier 0 DL history.
Funny how this card is a drop from Ishizu.....and yet it's actually a 5Ds era card.
Terrible indeed, since it doesn't negate the Spell card's effect or activation
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