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Anyone think this could be a viable f2p way of substituting floodgate while still getting new relevant cards? I started this game last month and dont even wanna touch the generation next box
f2p floodgate ? what the fck its a ur in trash box
<< Anonymous
New player so I'd rather buy stuff from the newer boxes which tend to be stronger and more relevant due to powercreep. Definitely looking at Anki as well.
<< Anonymous
Mr Immortality
its a trash box with main cards from masked heroes, amazoness, and geargias, all tier 1 decks? talking shit mate
<< Anonymous(Mr Immortality)
Yung bandz
OP means floodgate is in a shitty box (generation next is pretty shitty overall compared to newer boxes), whereas Canadia is in a fantastic box with, like you said, geagias, amazoness support and masked heroes rolled into one
<< Anonymous(Yung bandz)
No anonymous before said floodgate is ur in trash box, just anonymous stupid



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My "high" is equal to Tristan Taylor, then they will be on a very slow release. Speakin...
A person calling people a moron. Humans at its finest
No idiot, you’re wrong- we did get it :D
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