How to beat/farm Jesse Anderson lvl40 (Gate)

What I use, it works pretty consistently. So far I've been scoring 8,000+
Thanks works pretty well.
Gotta say I really like this build. I only made a couple of changes, that is removing the Fragrance Storm's for a 2nd Draining Shield and a Windstorm of Etiqua in case defense is needed. You get enough drawing of Jasmine anyway. I haven't hit 8k yet but I've been able to hit 6k at least every time.
what would you replace heavyweight carrots with ?
<< Anonymous
Rose lover
why do u need life cost 0 for this deck?
<< Anonymous
It would let you use Ra's destruction effect with impunity, thus allowing you a direct attack. You don't *need* it, but at least you won't need to waste a card on Stop Defense/E-Con in case all of Jesse' monster are in defense.
Realy usefull ty
7700, with no fragrance and a storm of etiqua, thanks :-)
<< Anonymous(DarnedChris)
By the way, I did use Mariks skill so I didn't have to boost LP too much. Got like 4000 atk from the monsters:-)
Can I substitute carrotweights and storm for disciples and draining shield for arrivarivals?
Useless farm deck against rainbow dragon.
8000+ when?
When have you some luck?
I'm here to approved that this one actually for budget players that looking for a deck to farm jesse, it's pretty consistent unless Jesse got Pegasus and Crystal Release and you have 3 Aroma Garden in your starting hand lmfao. Also I replaced second fragrance for Fairy Meteor Crush because I usually destroy his monster more when I want a bit more points usually at last turn his field is all set.
<< Anonymous(Ma)
Now we have Marjoram so banish his CB monsters from GY as much as possible so Johan won't be able to summon Rainbow Dragon. About Crystal Conclave, he only activates when you declare an attack.


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