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Lol I still see Kaibaman get run left right and centre when this card is 100× better. Sure it can get negated by level 8 horus but kaibaman can get negated by a lot more and takes up your normal summon. For you blue eyes players please start using this. You will much prefer it
Kaibaman Wife's
Kaibaman's investor
<< Anonymous(Kaibaman's investor)
Kaibaman's lawyer
<< Anonymous(Kaibaman's lawyer)
Kaibaman's Dog
Arff! Arrff! (sniffs at 🔥es)
Seed of Kaibaman
<< Anonymous(Seed of Kaibaman)
Kaibaman's fan
yeah but you can only have one of this card and it need you to farm your mokuba, when it's very easy to have 3 kaibaman, also it's not like you can't have both of them.
<< Anonymous(option)
Killer Queen
You can get a second Ancient Rules from Mokuba LVL 35 but gamea doesn't list that for some reason.
At what rank you see Kaibamans?


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I know it's early, but I really hope they add the independent Ai, really like @ignisters
wtf you talking OP. There no such skill that was officially release with regards to what you'...
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