12th Main Box: Crusaders' Battlegrounds

For the first time I'm starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of boxes being dropped. These new selection boxes are ok but when the new monarch box drops I won't have any gems. When this spellcaster box dropped I had 9999 gems. I decided to skip the box, save my gems and farm mai , get 3 princess and kog with that. I went into the box with 3 amazoness onslaught. It won't be expensive to get 3 I Said. It's a rare card. I spent almost 5k gems getting 3 copies. It just went downhill from there. As f2p you must be very very smart on how you spend your gems. Don't be like me when I started and just dip gems into every box never finishing
I agree completely, getting 3 rates in a box is more frustrating than getting a UR...
<< Anonymous(Erik)
That's all about RNG. For some people it's less than 5k and for the other it might need more than 5k. But I get your point. As a F2P, best way to spend gems and make competitive deck at the same time is buy ONLY the miniboxes, Sylvan and Spellbook for example.
The red words Say the box Will be out in january, stop crying
<< Anonymous
My god how stupid are people on here? That IS NOT what the red text says or indicates. That red text is CLEARLY from the damn Selection Box Vol. 01 talking about the previous release of the Selection Box Vol. 01 in January.......Reading is hard.................................................
You don't need to purchase cards from every box, unless you are a YouTuber or something like that. If you played the real life TCG would you expect to be able to collect every single card?
Luck is playing a big role to if you're a f2p. And remember reset the box immediately after you got the cards you want
Kneegroww I recommend you as a F2P player just like you to do the math before you decide to invest your gem to get cards you need . Simply math, one main box = 200 packs = 10,000 gems and the box contain 6 copies of each rare card. To get 3 copies of them will cost you approximately 5,000 gem with using 'balance system' skill. If you are lucky you might spend lower than that.



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it does work for me though i got max 7600 without glossy, the cheapest farming deck you can get
Definelty would have liked to see hanged man & strength
Same here bruh. Got NO SINGLE SR today!
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