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For all the Newbs who are complaining about cards from Ultimate Rising. Why don't you stop moaning and make some other decks. The meta changes all the time. Enemy Controller is a farmable card and is much better than sphere Kuriboh. Mirror wall and Michizure are easy to counter, Stop complaining and just use your brains, if your brain isn't good enough just make some other decks. Mai is easy to counter, just throw a few wild tornados in your deck and watch her blow her harpies up. Relinquished is also quite easy to counter.
It's more about having a competitive environment that isn't balanced... I wouldn't care if they took the cards out of play but the fact that some players have access means I am barred from some strategies that seem fun to me. I'm sure there are some competitive strats that don't require the cards but what does anyone gain from removing them?
🔥 you noob. saying that enemy control is better than kuriboh is the worst and funniest dumb 🔥 i ever heard
oh, more complaining? the way to get enemy controller is to farm kaiba right? but farming kaiba lv40 requires cards like 4-starred ladybugs of doom and so on. but they are in ultimate 🔥ing rising. and speaking of ladybugs, i want you to teach that there are no alternatives to ladybugs. anyway, what i want to say is there is also a gap to farming LDs between people who have those cards and dont.
and dont say freaking 🔥 like farming LDs lv30. It doesnt justify that there is no gaps between them. Dick.
<< Anonymous
Enemy controller is top 5 cards in the game but 🔥in kuriboh you attack with a guy that took 4 cards to summon and basically have the game won then boom flip sideways and lose the game cuz your basically stuck top decking after that. The problem with kuriboh is there is basically no counters and there is no way to know if it's coming or not you just cross your fingers they don't have it.


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