Amazoness: deck recipe

Limit onslaught.
Onslaught needs a limit. Amazones onslaught needs to be limited to at least 2 or make it share limited with an important amazone card. Having it at 3 makes it overkill. It is way too disruptive in this meta. The deck is the most played too. 3x princess to search for it. -It banishes on contact. -It special summons in battle phase (multiple monsters if you have multiple onslaught and multiple monsters in your hand). -it special summons from the grave on destruction. Add cards like amazones willpower to this to get princess back and another onslaught and you will face multiple onslaughts right from the start that you have to go through, but its unlikely that you can do that so quick. With queen and their crazy flooding potential or with their crazy flooding potential alone they can just banish exchange your monsters and have monsters left to attack your lp. Even if you get their life low they can still kamikaze into you to banish with holy guard or amazones swordswoman. Do something about this deck to balance it some.
Even if you get rid of onslaughts after many resources, you still have to worry for other backrow and econtakes.

Its too much.
Or limit amazones princess as its not from a pack.
swordswoman eats CA literally
So you completely forgot how Sylvans can completely nuke your entire field in just one turn?
Why does it need balancing? All anyone needs to do is throw Chaos Hunter into the deck or 2 or 3 if you wanna go that far. If you’re opponent special summons a monster you can discard 1 card to special summon Chaos Hunter. It stops you’re opponent banishing anymore cards while it on field. So where is the issue?
you got your wish, onslaught just got semi limited
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2
Except Sylvan decks always rely heavily on luck (the cards you excavate), regardless of what skill you use, while Amazoness deck with 3 Princesses and 2-3 Onslaught is 100% GG (especially with Restart skill).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Some smuck
Card advance is in the game you know. Use that and you can literally know the next 5 cards your shroom is going to pull.
Cry about it.



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op :d
can KoG be demoted ?
They can hit other cards. They are not limited Komushrumo (SR) but noone play Sylvans anymore.
Grepher is an option i guess
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